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These two big names in tech are now part of the Dice family. Slashdot, news for nerds, and SourceForge, an open source software repository, broaden your reach to 8 million unique monthly visitors in North America.

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IT Professionals22%14%
IT Management14%11%
Developer Management10%11%
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Dice has exclusive access to these loyal tech communities to heighten the visibility of your openings. Through automatic cross-posting, featured job modules and site-wide banner ads, we expand your pool of candidates.

See how Dice powers the career centers at Slashdot & SourceForge.


Dice has a really unique pool of qualified tech candidates. When we post our jobs on Dice, we know they are being seen by the best tech talent out there.
  • Brandon G.
  • Director of Recruiting,
  • Enterprise Engineering, Inc.
I love Open Web. It allows me to look at more candidates than before because I don't have to hop around to different social sites.
  • Sigfredo R.
  • Recruiter, Kineticom
We filled four key positions on our engineering team in four months using Dice. I am certainly a satisfied customer.
  • Stephen T.
  • Vice President, Engineering,
  • Vaporstream
I like how Open Web pulls from all of the social sites, and they are all in one place, where I can click on each profile and select individual.
  • Kent H.
  • Senior Staffing Specialist,
  • Synergy Seven, Inc.
I'm a huge fan of Dice and have successfully used the site to hire for years. The customer service is outstanding.
  • Tony D.
  • Sr. Team Leader,
  • Total Quality Logistics
I like the fact that I can (use Open Web) to further research candidates to see if they are enthusiastic about the tech field they are in.
  • Lena G.
  • Technical Recruiter,
  • Hunter Technical Resources
Dice is definitely worth the investment! We contacted the top 10 prospects from a pool of 104 local candidates. Then brought in 8 for interviews and hired the best candidate.
  • Steven H.
  • Director, SAV Transportation Group
Open Web gives you a 40,000 foot bird's eye view of who may be available and moves Dice into the next tier category, right up there with other top social sites.
  • Pete T.
  • Director, Dickinson & Associates
We tried all of the known job and social media portals in the last two years but for recruitment of high-quality technical candidates, Dice is the best.
  • Sushrut S.
  • Partner, Novus Global Solutions
Open Web is a great tool that reduces a step for me in my candidate searching. It combines two tools into one. I absolutely love it!
  • Karen A.
  • Technical Recruiter,
  • EXCEL Management Systems
There is a dynamic right now around narrowcasting jobs and Dice is a precursor in narrowcasting.
  • Jeremy L.
  • Global Brand & Talent Attraction,
  • Expedia
I like Open Web because it brings all the social media info on job seekers to you in one place… this is a great time saver.
  • Scott M.
  • Director, Telecomm Software
We struggled filling very technical roles on general sites. Then used Dice and filled them in under 30 days with many great applicants. Lesson learned. Use Dice.
  • Kristin S.
  • Recruiting Consultant, Intermedia
Open Web makes me more efficient as a recruiter, because it aggregates so much information about so many people.
  • Charles M.
  • Recruitment Consultant,
  • Memorial Hermann
Our experience was phenomenal. We posted jobs on several sites. All of the applicants hired were found through Dice. It's our "go to" job site.
  • Mary G.
  • Mobibucks
Open Web consolidates all the information that recruiters worked so hard for in the past. It's the fastest, most efficient tool for recruiting I've seen.
  • Jeff W.
  • Founder & CEO, Gravity People

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